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The Acoustic Solution: Single & Dual Silent Booths to Improve the Sound Around Your Workstation

Do you remember the good old days when the K2 phone box booth was the preferred model by the people of London? 

Yes, that’s RIGHT!!

Painted in red, representing British culture worldwide, the telephone booth and kiosk were well recognized as poster kids for the city. 

As there is a saying, “old is gold.” The phone booth culture came with an ultra-modern twist. At that time, no one would have ever imagined this revamp would take place in the upcoming years. New life has been breathed into the artifact as phone booths for office spaces. These modern counterparts come with world-class acoustic technology and robust features and provide closed-noise-free space in a chaotic office environment. 

Let’s see how these phone booths act as an acoustic solution:

Magic of Single & Dual Silent Booths

An office phone booth, also known as a phone pod, is a piece of contemporary office furniture created to give employees quick and simple access to a private area for phone conversations, meetings, and concentrated work. Employees who find it difficult to operate in an open-plan workplace and to challenge to locate a quiet location to hold phone talks or work undisturbed might use it as a free working space option.

These single or double acoustic phone booths offer employees a brief, sound-absorbing retreat close to or next to their prominent place of employment. By placing acoustic office booths close together, call answer times can be shortened while giving personnel access to a private, soundproof booth. Additionally, phone booths lessen staff members’ time in bigger conference rooms and offer the gift of privacy.

What Else do Single & Dual Silent Booths Offers? 

Apart from enjoying the magic of single & dual silent booths, as mentioned above, proper acoustic control can further benefit your workplace in various ways. Some of them can be named individually, such as:

  1. Contributing to the enhancement of the overall soundscape
  2. Promoting improved workplace communication
  3. Employee stress reduction
  4. Improving overall employee well-being
  5. Increasing employee productivity and privacy

It is crucial to empower the employees in the workplace, as is common knowledge. The first and most vital step is ensuring work conditions continue to be geared toward their advantage and well-being. The workplace must be a place where, despite the difficulties, everyone can find the space and focus on doing their best work. And such an acoustic solution is the single & dual silent booths that can improve the sound around your workstation. 

Single & Dual Silent Booths as an Alternative

Single and dual silent booths provide a convenient and affordable solution for people who are tired of the noise level in their offices. These phone booths can seamlessly integrate into any open, closed, or agile office layout. You’ll appreciate their delicate aesthetic and various extra features such as:

Soundproofed Walls

These booths can provide you with something that no online advice can offer: actual soundproofed space. There is no need for headphones or strict office volume rules that limit co-worker conversation. These booths feature 3.5-inch-thick walls with echo absorption panels, allowing employees to get away from everything going on in their office.

Versatile and Multi-Use

The great thing about silent phone booths is that they are adaptable and can accommodate many spaces and needs. That is why workers from all industries adore both booths. They provide an ideal setting for a variety of office events, including:

  1. Meetings
  2. Brainstorming
  3. Relaxation/breaks
  4. Group projects/collaboration
  5. Private phone calls
  6. Time-critical assignments
  7. Interviews

Final Thoughts

Open spaces have drawbacks, and lack of privacy is one of them. In such a scenario, installing the acoustic phone booths forever ended this misery. Single and Dual silent phone booths offer improved speech privacy, clear understanding, and a quiet setting ideal for your introverted geniuses and restless employees. They also contribute to the opposite end of the spectrum by dampening both incoming and outgoing sounds. 

Nowadays, such silent booths have become an essential part of modern corporate interior design and have been adopted by most major corporations. Their portable nature frequently adds to the overall flexibility of the working stations, contributing even more to the organization and its overall wellness. That’s why it is advised to get your silent booths installed from 800 Phone Pod, the leading phone pod supplier in Dubai, and enhance the sound of your workplace.