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Work From Your Private 800 Phone Pods!

Imagine the place with cubicles that combine the best of both worlds – Flexible Open Offices with a fusion of distraction-free quiet zones and collaborative open workplaces. One solution to meet the every individual needs exactly.

About Us

800 Phone Pod is one of Dubai’s best acoustic booth design firm that focuses on support space solutions and modular pod workstations for meetings, video sessions, or even short phone calls. Due to a lack of support facilities, 800 Phone Pod developed a unique concept that will address various interruptions in open-plan offices and educational settings.

Most office interiors require functional design, good acoustics, and better ergonomics. With its one-of-a-kind and timeless furniture pieces and pod room designs, our 800 Phone Pod will offer and meet all these prerequisites. In addition, all 800 Phone Pod and booth workspace products have been curated with the ideal body working positions in mind, assuring long-term productivity. The flexible, eco-friendly, and affordable range of Pods and booths is the perfect answer to the shared space dilemma.

Our Vision

800 Phone Pod has the vision to provide workplaces with stylish and functional space and furniture solutions. In addition, we aim to deliver long-term value to people — our customers, employees, partners, and other stakeholders. On the other hand, it's quicker, and there are no permits, hassles, or cost overruns!

Our Mission

800 Phone Pod aims to be a leader in the industry's development by providing modular pod space solutions with classic design and a simple recycling process. Pods and booths by 800 Phone Pods will reduce the environmental impact of the construction process and, at the same time, design more versatile and flexible workspaces.

We are the best in town, Soundproof Pods and Phone Booths provider.

Remarkable Features

800 Phone Pod and booths are designed with utmost care to maintain your privacy when answering any phone or holding a meeting in open areas and office surroundings. Its insulating structure gives better acoustic protection from loud noises. Can install these pods without needing any modifications to current systems or walls, and they can also be disassembled and reassembled in a different location. Despite their small size, these pods have enough room for a high stool or a chair.

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800 Phone Pod is a cost-efficient pod that provides additional space for focused work and collaboration by eliminating constant noise and distraction. It’s affordable yet sleek, and the high-quality design supports your ideas in reaching their full potential. In addition, we offer pods and booths at competitive prices across the country.


Unlike conventional designs, our intent pod products are designed to conform to your workspace. We offer flexible privacy solutions that can move around the office—moving office? Take them with you. Try doing that with that old-style meeting room! Try 800 Phone Pod!!!

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Saving Time

800 Phone Pod provides an artistic design and also can complete its installation in a few hours. Our pods are super simple to assemble on site. Two people can build your pod in less than a couple of hours. Moreover, since our range of products is assumed to be safe, you’ll never have to lose time or money looking for authorizations or contractors. 

Our Clients

Acoustic phone pods by 800 Phone Pods can be placed near your work area, encouraging users to make video and phone calls without finding a quiet room or leaving the building. Our “quality first” approach of making 800 phone pods and booths has an artistic design that can use your area that would otherwise be wasted—a corridor or even under the stair. The office phone booths save a lot of time and money hence providing a good ROI. Users can have the advantage of sound and visual privacy mounts for monitors, doors, and more with PhonePod pods and booths!

800 Phone Pod pods come with USB and power charging stations and enough ventilation and lighting. 800 Phone Pod pods have more features than other phone booth workspaces. Our designs ensure enough space to make the users feel at ease. To enhance your booth experience, add-on features such as air filtration and monitor or laptop mounts are also available. Our in-house design team mindfully curates every product to be both functional and attractive.

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