Phonepod developer in dubai

About Us

Who We Are

One of the leading booth design companies in Dubai, 800 Phone Pod concentrates on support space solutions and modular pod workstations for conferences, video calls, and private phone calls. 800 Phone Pod created a novel idea to deal with numerous disruptions in open-plan office settings and educational institutes due to a lack of support resources.

Our 800 Phone Pod will offer and meet typical office requirements, including practical design, superior ergonomics, along with functional furniture and pod room designs. The ideal solution to the shared space conundrum is the adaptable, environmentally friendly, and reasonably priced collection of pods and booths.

In open workspaces, soundproof private areas can be used to address privacy and noise issues. In the workplaces of dozens of companies, our products have increased employee happiness and productivity.



The goal of 800 Phone Pod is to offer furniture and space solutions to offices that are both fashionable and practical. We also want to provide them with long-term value that is quicker with little complications or expense overruns.


By offering modular pod space solutions with a traditional look and an easy recycling technique, 800 Phone Pod aspires to be a pioneer in the growth of the sector. The use of pods and booths by 800 Phone Pods will create workstations that are more adaptable and flexible.


Why choose us

By placing acoustic phone pods by 800 Phone Pods in your workspace, users are encouraged to conduct phone and video calls without hunting for a quiet space or stepping outside the premises. Making 800 phone booths and pods with a “quality first” philosophy, allows us to utilise space that might otherwise be lost, such as a hallway or even the space under a stair. The workplace phone booths offer an excellent return on investment because they save both time and money. With phone pods and booths, users can benefit from acoustic and visual privacy installations for monitors, doors, and more!

  • Cost Effective – The 800 Phone Pod is a reasonably priced pod that introduces space for focused work and teamwork by reducing persistent noise and distraction. It’s stylish and attractively priced, and the high-quality design helps in increased productivity. Additionally, we provide booths and pods across the nation at affordable rates.
  • Quick Installation – In addition to offering a beautiful design, 800 Phone Pod also offers quick installation. The on-site assembly of our pods is straightforward, and your pod can be constructed by just two people in a matter of hours. Additionally, since the safety of our product line is presumed, you won’t ever waste time or money seeking for licences or contractors.
  • Flexible – Our pod products, in contrast to traditional designs, are made to fit your workplace. We provide mobile, adaptable privacy solutions that can be used anywhere in the office.
  • Features

    • USB and power charging stations
    • Ventilation
    • Lighting
    • Spacious
    • Air Filtration
    • Laptop/Monitor Mounts
    • Functional and Stylish Designs