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Frequently Asked Questions

800 Phone Pod offers a solution for open-plan office environments, where background noise and interruptions can be distracting and disruptive. It provides a private and comfortable space for employees to make phone calls, participate in video conferences, or just take a break from the noise of a busy workspace.

The dimensions of the 800 Phone Pod vary, but our standard models typically measure around 2.5 feet wide by 6 feet long by 7 feet tall.

The 800 Phone Pod package includes the phone booth, a comfortable seat, a table or shelf, lighting, ventilation, and sound insulation. Some models also include additional features such as a power outlet, USB ports, and a whiteboard.

800 Phone Pod is designed to be easy to install, with a modular design that can be assembled on-site. Our team can provide installation services, or you can follow the included instructions to assemble the phone booth yourself.

The 800 Phone Pod is constructed using high-quality materials, such as wood, metal, and sound-absorbing panels, to ensure durability and sound insulation.

The ventilation system in the 800 Phone Pod ensures that the air inside the booth stays fresh and comfortable, even during long phone calls or video conferences. The system includes an intake vent and an exhaust vent, which work together to circulate fresh air and remove stale air.

The warranty for the 800 Phone Pod varies depending on the model, but all of our phone booths are covered by a comprehensive warranty that covers both parts and labour.

Yes, we offer custom options for the Phone Pods, including a range of colours, sizes, and additional features, so you can create the perfect phone booth for your workspace.

The cost of the 800 Phone Pod varies depending on the model and any custom options you choose. Please connect us for a detailed quote.

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