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An Overview of Acoustic Pods and Silent Booths for Office Spaces

An Overview of Acoustic Pods and Silent Booths for Office Spaces

Nowadays, more people prefer to work in flexible or open work environments. Such workplaces are more fashionable that improve connectivity and ultimately, increase productivity. However, there are times when you would like some privacy after receiving a call from a potential client or another important person. You need some privacy, which is why every office looks for an alternative. 

What should be that alternative? 

Is it Acoustic Pods or Silent Booths? Are they the same or different? 

Let’s have a deep dive into these furnishings for office spaces:

Acoustic Pods

A “pod” is a type of fancy cubicle. The various companies in Dubai have taken the initiative to replace the ugly, outdated furnishing with more modern and clean-looking pods. These workspaces are typically modular and can be moved around to maximize space in various-sized offices. These pods can usually be grouped to keep teams close while providing privacy with small walls or storage spaces.


Some of the advantages of using pod workstations in an open office floor plan include improved employee communication and better lighting and airflow due to the lack of walls. The use of cubicle workstations allows for a more cost-effective office design while still providing a flexible workspace layout. This is especially useful if the company is growing and intends to hire more employees in the near future.

Other Points to Consider:

Nonetheless, open workstations can be inconvenient for those who require more privacy on occasion. Employees who need to make important phone calls may require a place to go if their office pod is too noisy and distracting. This is where the office silent booths come in handy.

Silent Booths

Installing soundproof phone booths is a great solution for companies with open floor plans that want to give their employees some privacy. Office silent booths are fully enclosed pods (as opposed to the open office pod workspaces discussed above). 


These booths are not only completely soundproofed, but their built-in ventilation system keeps users comfortable. Using office silent booths provides employees with quiet, distraction-free workspaces. Those who want to get away from their desk pod in an open office floor plan will find it less stressful. It will create a space where people can feel as though they have privacy when they need it.

Other Points to Consider:

There are also larger four- and six-person meeting pods available that function as an additional meeting room and can be extremely useful if conference room space is limited or frequently book for larger meetings. Each booth includes a built-in desk as well as power and USB outlets. These workspaces are completely portable and allow employees to make private calls or participate in video meetings without disturbing others. This is a great way to keep employees happy when they need a quiet place to work.

How Do Acoustic Pods and Silent Booths Work?

An acoustic pod or silent booth is a type of workplace area where employees can move to communicate in better privacy. It is smaller than a boardroom but large enough to hold a group of people who need to communicate privately. Indeed, acoustic pods or silent booths can be make smaller to accommodate only one person, especially when making time-sensitive calls.

The booths or pods are intend to help make the workplace more welcoming to all employees. So, if there is some background noise that is interfering with communication, you simply dash into the booth or pod and speak to your concerned person privately.

Their design has also evolved over time. They are now build with extra-strong materials to completely isolate noise from the outside. Those outside the booth or pod will also be unable to hear what you are saying.

Acoustic Pods and Silent Booths – Need of an Hour!

The open floor plan trend has grown in popularity in the workplace, and many businesses are looking for ways to maximize space while maintaining employee efficiency. Organizations have discovered that implementing an open floor plan can significantly reduce costs, while other goals are frequently to increase collaboration, promote creativity, and foster co-worker unity.

Employers must understand how to maximize space and increase productivity in their open floor plan office. Both the acoustic pods and silent booths serve a purpose, and when used properly, each furnishing can improve the modern workplace. As per your requirements and needs, get your acoustic pods or silent booths installed with the help of  800 Phone Pod the Leading acoustic phonepod installation company in Dubai