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800 Phone Pod: Check Out This Novel Way Of Conducting Private Phone Calls

Is there a need for more privacy in your office? Although 0% of offices are open-plan, they are not always conducive to peace and quiet.

Those who work in them take up to 62% more sick days, implying that the stress and noise levels of these office styles harm workers’ immune systems.

Furthermore, 58% of high-performing employees say they would like their office to be quieter in order to be more productive.

Without a doubt, open offices offer numerous distinct advantages. They make it easier for employees to interact with one another by eliminating the hierarchy that comes with secretive cubicles. With good communication generating new ideas, abandoning this aspect of an open office work environment would be a bad idea.

So what should be done to grab the maximum benefits?

There is a need to avoid the chaos that open offices create. With the private phone booths, you can keep the benefits of an open office environment while providing your employees with a calm and quiet environment to work on high-priority tasks.

What’s there Inside a Phone Booth?

Each booth offered by 800 PHONE POD, the top silent booth installation company in Dubai, includes a custom-made wooden standing desk with space for employees’ electronics. They also have a motion sensor-based ventilation system, which allows them to stay comfortable and refreshed while using the booth.

Furthermore, our phone booths are modular and portable, making your job as an employer easier. As a result, you can move them from one area of your building to another easily.

Give Your Employees A Quiet Place to Talk

Although an open office encourages excellent communication, it can have a negative impact on how employees communicate with others. They may need to make a personal call at the lower end of the scale. Such calls are (hopefully) rare. But when they do happen, it’s natural to want to be alone somewhere where you can talk.

When you install a private phone booth in your workplace, you provide your employees with an additional layer of privacy. Our booths block out the background noise of these calls.

Private Phone Booths Facilitate Smooth Business Transactions

On the business side, your employees may be required to make calls during meetings or discuss sensitive issues with clients. In either case, blocking out the background noise of an open office works in their favor.

Assume your open office is particularly loud. When you request that an employee call someone for information, they may prefer to do so in a corridor away from coworkers. They do so by removing themselves from their workstation, which does not contribute to their usual sense of productivity. Furthermore, you can’t guarantee that they’ll have a good phone signal.

As a result, their efforts at work become increasingly frustrating. Even with the best of intentions, a professional call can appear sloppy in a noisy environment. Miscommunication is also possible if neither party can hear the other.

Using a private phone booth is one solution to the problem. Because they’re portable, you can put them anywhere in your office so employees don’t have to waste time going outside to talk.

Use Private Phone Booths to Grab Personal Time

Securing alone time in a typical office environment is difficult. It is critical for your employees to be able to find a few moments of peace in a busy environment if they are to remain productive.

When external weather conditions do not allow for a few moments of peace, stress can become even more overwhelming. When you use a private phone booth, you provide your employees with a completely silent escape. Those who need time to collect their thoughts can do so without feeling as if work is still going on around them.

Employees’ epinephrine levels can rise as a result of a constant influx of unwanted noise. As a hormone that fuels anxious and stressful feelings, it frequently stifles creativity in the most negative ways. When employees are too agitated to generate creative ideas, their progress can stall.

Reach out to 800 PHONE POD Experts!

Be creative when attempting to reduce noise levels in your office environment, especially in an open office. Contact the 800 PHONE POD installation team to provide you with private phone booths as a place for your employees to escape and focus on important tasks. When you reduce the amount of noise in your employee’s daily routine, their stress level will decrease. The result is a more contented and productive way of work. Therefore, you can expect maximum benefits for your staff when you install a private phone booth in your office.