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800 Phone Pod The Ultimate Solution for Early-Stage Startups

800 Phone Pod: The Ultimate Solution for Early-Stage Startups

Distractions here, distractions there, distractions everywhere.

Chat notifications, new emails, meeting invitations, loud sales call across the room, someone blowing their nose, and that important text message you just received are all things to be aware of.

Distractions are an unavoidable part of the modern workplace, and they can come from anywhere and take any form.

Can these disturbances be fixed?

You’ve probably seen a structure if you’ve worked in early-stage startups in the last few years: free-standing one-person pods with a stool and a ledge-cum-desk. Most have glass doors that are soundproof, allowing workers to see outside while speaking privately.

Phone booths for early-stage startups are springing up all over the world. Are these good ideas, or are we looking for a silver lining to a larger problem in cramped pods?

Let’s have a deep dive into the understanding of how 800 Phone Pod acts as the ultimate solution for early-stage startups: 

Everything you need is inside

Once the phone booths are installed in your office by 800 Phone Pod, all you’ll need is a single plug to power everything inside. This includes a bank of alternating current and USB charging outlets along with a thermostat-controlled ventilation system.

Undoubtedly, these office phone booths can have a glass door and a skylight above to take advantage of the office’s ambient lighting. But if that isn’t enough, there’s plenty of space for a small desk lamp that will quickly light up the entire space.

The pods have sound-absorbing panels on the inside walls to eliminate the echo that you might expect in small booths like these. Smaller “phone booths” include a small wall-mounted desk, while larger models allow you to add your own table.

Key Improvements that 800 Phone Pod Brings: 

  1. They offer privacy for phone calls and/or one-on-one meetings, and many have acoustic properties that will challenge even the nosiest offices.
  2. They typically accommodate one or two people but can be customized to provide an optimal space for working in peace.
  3. Phone Booths can be assembled and disassembled, making them easier to move around the office as needs change.
  4. They can easily fit into an existing office layout and complement most spaces because of their small footprint.
  5. They are a simple way to modernize the office’s aesthetic in the new, more technologically driven world.

A Healthy Work-Life Balance

There is a need for unique creativity as new early-stage startups continue to enter the market and small business owners’ budgets are stretched as thin as they’ve ever been.

By adding office pods, and silent booths, any startup business can expand its private space for employees allowing them to work without distraction and improving productivity and mental health. And fortunately, you can do it without needlessly expanding their offices or adding more walls to their existing space.

More than Just Offices

While the 800 Phone Pod model focuses on improving open office layouts, it is not their only application.

These soundproof phone booths are ideal for every early-stage startup where a peaceful environment is desired. While coin-operated phones were rendered obsolete by modern technology long ago, phone booths are making a comeback. An 800 Phone Pod booth is an excellent addition to a restaurant or bar as it allows customers to make private phone calls without stepping outside into the hot summer.

Remote startup innovators who struggle to get work done can set up one of these in their homes, for an instant quiet haven right in their living rooms. Even in university libraries, the two- and four-person 800 Phone Pod booths are ideal for students to work on startup ideas without disturbing those around them.

There are an almost infinite number of ways to use the phone booths of 800 Phone Pod, and they clearly extend far beyond the office building. Have you tried out the privacy pods for your early-stage startup business? If not, book your free consultation appointment with the 800 Phone Pod- phonepod installation company in Dubai right today.