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Work from Home in Your Private Phone Pod

Since the working culture has changed today, a hybrid work model has come into existence. Hybrid means working a few days from the office and a few from home. This model is expected to improve productivity as it will make employees’ lives easier.

Coming back to the topic of working from home, people have adjusted to the new routine by investing in new things like comfortable furniture or any software that helps in faster work. But, not everyone is lucky to have a dedicated space that helps focus on work easier. We’re not even talking about the whole room! A phone pod installed at your home can solve all your problems!

What is a Private Phone Pod?

These private booths can be easily installed anywhere and provide quiet and undisturbed office space. It can be a great addition while you are working remotely.  If you’re looking for phone pod developers in Dubai, our pods come in innovative and sleek designs and offer several benefits.

Why is a Phone Pod Perfect for Work from Home?


The pods are soundproof; hence they can fizz out all the disturbances around you while working. Once you enter your booth, you can answer your calls, prioritize daily tasks, and focus on your work in peace. A physical barrier can help a huge deal! Similarly, they are perfect when you are on a call discussing confidential matters.

Less Stress & Better Focus –

We all know how excessive noise and non-availability of space can be major issues during working, especially if you are working on a new project or training someone new. You need your workplace to be as quiet as possible, and your silent booth helps in just that. Better focus and productivity will keep the stress and anxiety away so that you can excel at whatever you’re doing.

An Affordable Office –

Renting out an office space or renovating your room for a workplace can be very expensive. Instead, phone pods can be inexpensive compared to that, and you don’t even need to change an existing structure or walls for the installation. Also, some pods have motion sensor triggers that switch off all the lights when you leave the pod; hence you also save on your bills!

Accessible & Customizable –

The pods might be compact but are equipped with all the essential accessories. There are screen brackets in some that are perfect for your video calls, space for your chairs and tables, sufficient electric sockets, USB and open ports for your connections, and good ventilation to keep you fresh during working.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Phone Pod

Location – The location you choose is going to impact your efficiency. So, choose the right place for your pod. Choose a room that you are always in. Create your private space there so that you won’t have to pace around to the other corner of the house when you get an urgent work call. The whole point of installing a pod is that you can even sit amidst the chaos!

Size – A phone pod is a substantial investment, so consider all the factors before deciding on the perfect size. Consider if you’re the only one using it or if other members will use it too. Think of which hardware and furniture you will require and how much space they will take. Your pod should be sufficiently large enough for multiple functions.

Manufacturer – You need good amenities for your private phone pod, and you can get that only if you invest with a good developer.

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