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7 Phone Pod Uses Besides Typical Office Work

7 Phone Pod Uses Besides Typical Office Work

Once known as the “Silence Cabinet,” these cubicle-shaped cabins have evolved into something very useful and are now known as phone pods.

These structured cabins are increasingly being used in offices and homes. They provide a silent space for people to take calls or focus on your work. Compact but sufficient, these self-contained spaces manufactured by the best phone pod suppliers in Dubai, 800 PHONE POD,  can give you privacy and phone calls without disturbance. It is big enough to accommodate furniture, and its insulating structures offer excellent protection from disruptive sounds.

These booths are highly customizable with various design options that can cater to varied requirements. Phone pods in Dubai are getting popular as they are easy to assemble, and some even have wheels that enable easy movement.

Most phone pods have been installed in offices, but people have also installed them in their homes with increased remote working. These structures do not need any rebuilding or moving of existing structures and are packed with many benefits.

800 PHONE PODS of Dubai can be the perfect companion for increasing productivity in your work!

Phone pods come to your rescue. They provide a dedicated workplace with a sound-proof quality, good ventilation for the employee’s health, and several USB ports and outlets for office hardware make them very useful in an office.

These silent booths are undoubtedly helpful for work, but why stop there? Here are some alternative uses of a phone pod –

A Nap Pod

For starters, why not use it as a sleep pod? Quitting a few minutes of work and having a noiseless sleep may be the best moments a working adult could ask for. A few minutes of rest may just be what the body needs to enhance the employees’ overall performance in offices or homes. Power naps reduce stress, brighten moods, and keep the body healthy, thus reducing sick leaves! A reclining chair and some dim lighting are all you need!

Recreational Area

No one is ever too old not to be a child, right?! So why not let your employees have a tiny pinch of fun while working? For example, a ball pit can be a perfect place to let your employees chill out. If that becomes messy, you could also keep some board or card games wherein people could socialize and take a break! It is also proven that the mind works better when people are happy. So why not let your employees unleash the child in them for some time in the office?

A De-stressing Room

We mostly never see someone expressing their negativity in public. This, of course, does not mean they do not have any sad or negative feelings inside them. People often carry the negativity and stress inside for a long time, and it may quite a few times reflected in their work. A sound-proof phone pod can be perfect for people to express their anger/disappointment and let everything out. The individual will feel light and won’t disturb the other employees. It’s all a win-win situation!

Food & Socialization

People must take their breaks properly. Using the pods as lunch pods can help employees move from their usual desks and clean their work desks. Why not let people enjoy their lunches in these pods? If it’s a giant pod, they could share it with their team. Conversations over food can never be sad, right?

Breastfeeding Pod

To all the mothers out there, finding a bathroom or a room for breastfeeding may be impossible as not all offices have these special arrangements. However, such a booth may help at a time like this. In addition, it can be a perfect place for new mothers that are rejoining the office.

Learning Pod

Even when working, we want to upgrade ourselves and keep learning. Some employers even encourage their employees to enroll in new courses. These acoustic booths will be perfect for people studying or attending some critical session.

Stretching & Meditation Room

People need to vent and may also need to breathe and stretch during their breaks. For example, sitting for long hours and working will require employees to try a little. Similarly, these phone pods are perfect for meditation due to the lack of disturbances.

Are these a perfect addition to your office space? They are more than that! You can get these from a trusted supplier.

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