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silent booths a must have in malls , offices and coffee shops

Silent Booths – A must-have in Malls, Offices, and Coffee Shop

We have seen the world advancing towards better mobility with the increased presence of mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. Plus, the world shifted to remote working, thanks to the pandemic! Thus, it gave rise to co-working spaces, flexible office spaces, and people working from public spaces. But the flexibility to work anywhere and background noise is growing. As a result, cubicles known as phone pods are becoming increasingly popular.

What are Phone Pods?

These booths cut off the disturbing outside noise and are highly functional as they have all the basic requirements covered. They will have space to accommodate minimal furniture for your system, sensor-activated lighting, good quality ventilation, and various power plugs and charging ports. The best thing is that they can be installed anywhere without disturbing the space’s existing design. These acoustic booths may also have wheels for better mobility.

Phone pods are increasingly being used in open office designs to provide a quiet space for employees to focus on their work efficiently. The office booths come in different sizes for multiple people or one person. Pods don’t require any extra building as it only needs assembly. Therefore, there are no costs during installation or restoring the space to its original state.

The booths used in office spaces have increased productivity in employees and provided physical and mental health benefits. 800 PHONE POD, the best phone pod supplier in Dubai, keeps all the workplace regulations in mind.

Silent Booths in Public Spaces

Silent booths or phone pods provide a private space for people, especially important in public places like malls, cafes, and airports. The kiosks offer a dedicated and Wi-Fi-connected space to help people complete their work. 800 PHONE POD, the top silent booth suppliers in Dubai, offers many customizations. Each booth can have Bluetooth connectivity, speakers, and a secure Wi-Fi network that helps people with video conferencing and answer those personal work or private calls.

These pods in public places can help business owners or employees utilize their time better during delays or in a state of urgency. With the culture of working from home becoming a hit, people work remotely from anywhere. For example, you are in a coffee place completing your work, but suddenly a meeting comes up in your calendar. You can get a phone pod to cut down the background noise and easily take that work call.

These private spaces can be used differently other than for work. For example, people can use these pods for things like…

Nap Pod – Imagine how important this can be in an airport! People are low on sleep and tired from the long layovers. Any person could book the phone pod and take a small nap without worrying about their luggage and sleeping in front of people. Just an alarm to wake up at the right time is enough for the person to get a much-needed nap!

Breast-feeding Pods can be a huge relief for new mothers while they’re traveling outside. Each public place might not have the arrangement for mothers to feed their children privately. These pods can be handy for providing privacy and a safe place for mothers.

Socialization Pods: We all have private conversations other than work. Imagine meeting a friend at a restaurant and getting the table right in the middle, with people around you, so you can’t even have that private conversation. A pod comes to your rescue!

Phone pods can be a great addition to your business, be it a coffee shop or a mall. So if you’re looking for an acoustic booth in Dubai, look no further than 800 PHONE POD. Let us know your requirement, and we can make it happen!