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5 reasons why you need a phone pod

5 Reasons Why You Need a Phone Pod

As the world entirely shifted to remote working, many people faced difficulty adjusting and finding a dedicated working space.

It affected their productivity as people had to work on many other things at home in addition to working. It takes time to regain focus after a distraction, and we all know there are many while we are working from home!

Did you also feel the disturbance while working from Home? Or are you currently facing the same issues?

Phone Pod popularly known as Silent Booths or Acoustic Booth is the ideal solution to overcome such problems. They are ready to use, and can give you complete peace of mind.

You can set up a phone pod at your home or office. Phone pods provide privacy while taking phone calls, Zoom meeting & creating your personal workspace in open-spaced or office environments. The insulating structure offers protection from disturbing noises. It is the perfect dedicated setup to complete all work.

If you still have doubts, here are some valid reasons why you need a phone pod.

The Ease of Design

You don’t need to make any specific changes to install a phone pod. The pods are very easy to install and even reassemble at different locations without changing the existing structures or walls. The pod also is compact in shape hence can be installed at any place. Nevertheless, it is spacious enough to accommodate all that you need. They also come in several sizes, styles, and colors that cater to different requirements. Furthermore, there are multiple options to even optimize as per your needs. For example, you can even add wheels for mobility.

The Perfect Workplace

The phone pods can be the perfect place to attend to your daily calls and complete your office work. Some variants of phone pods also come with a screen bracket that is perfect for video conferences. You can also opt for bigger pods with more meeting rooms if you have more family members working. Like sound insulation and echo-free acoustics, its benefits provide a comfortable working environment. You need not worry about overheard private and confidential conversations or getting disturbed by external factors.

Adaptability and Accessibility

You can have space for your furniture like chairs and tables with fully automated electric sockets, lights with electronic motion sensors, and perfect ventilation. The pods provide impressive ventilation with good air quality inside. You need not worry about saving energy because there are motion sensor triggers. There are several USB ports, three-prong outlets, and open ports for connecting your devices, internet, or office equipment. Also, the pods are highly flexible as you can uninstall and reassemble them in a different space effortlessly. You can move your mini office around any time whenever needed.

Mental & Physical Health Benefits

Whether you install the pods at your home or office, they provide a stress-free environment. It is no surprise that high noise levels, lack of privacy, and non-availability of personal space can cause stress in people. Stress may later induce negative emotions like anger and depression, affecting a person’s health and productivity. So not only does soundproofing help, but a physical barrier also makes a huge difference.

We all have seen how isolating from people can be good for staying away from illnesses. Closed confined places with air conditioning can cause the circulation of germs and bacteria easily. Hence, a personal phone pod also helps you stay fit as you have access to good air quality.

Made By Professionals

Many people and companies think that building their own phone pods can be easy, but it’s not about the construction. It’s all about the functionality. There are so many parts involved that even one wrong installation can get you to start over. Purchasing from a trusted vendor like 800 PHONE POD, the leading Phone Pod supplier in Dubai, UAE will save your efforts and money. Our phone pods are more than just insulated booths. Our pods have exhaust fans that keep the air circulating, ensuring stable temperature and humidity at all times. Phone pods can change your working environment completely! Feel free to consult with us anytime.