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Phone Pods - A Vital Solution for Your Office Space in 2022

Phone Pods – A Vital Solution for Your Office Space in 2022

The global working culture has been evolving for a long time now, and office spaces must adapt to suit the needs of employees. We may think of open spaces with a few cubicles, but they have also gone through several changes through these years. In addition, the office space designs will change in 2022 because the world is getting back to offices after a pandemic.

Open office spaces offer advantages like effective communication and collaboration between employees. They are also an economical solution to office planning. However, they can be excessively noisy and visually distracting, resulting in low productivity and health. Moreover, there is no place for employees with different personalities and working patterns in such conventional setups.

There are no solutions to meet individual needs. What can be the solution for this? It would be nice to have a distraction-free space for employee focus and concentration while encouraging creativity and collaboration between employees! We have phone pods!

What are Phone Pods & Flexible Offices?

Phone pods provide designated quiet spaces for employees who need ultimate concentration for a specific task or project. The best thing is that these pods can be installed anywhere, without any construction or moving the current infrastructure. They are cost-effective as they won’t need any disruptive or expensive remodeling. The booths can be in the middle of desks but still provide a noise-cancellation effect. They can also be easily moved around to give the ultimate flexibility.

Flexible open offices with private phone pods can combine the best of both worlds! Employees aren’t expected to sit in a cubicle or their desk for the whole day, month, or year! The flexibility and freedom of using the entire area as need be can significantly increase productivity. For example, a person can sit in the booth while taking a call (especially during a confidential call) and join his team outside for a brainstorming session. People with the same work styles or those who share similar tasks can even share a silent booth to work on a project effectively. In addition, creative working environments make sure employees are taking breaks and socializing. 800 PHONE POD, the best phone pod supplier in Dubai, offers varied customizable options that can help you create a flexible office space.

Benefits of Silent Booths in Offices

  • It improves the privacy and professionalism of phone calls. However, open offices can be a problem due to the noise around and during discussions of confidential information.
  • Productivity can substantially increase when employees are given privacy, fewer distractions, good air quality, and light so that phone pods can help.
  • Stress at workplaces can affect employees’ mental health to a large extent. Plus, viruses can quickly spread through an open office. Overcoming these problems, phone pods can provide better mental and physical health benefits.

800 PHONE POD – the Best Phone Pod Developers in Dubai

  • Our comfortable desk spaces are equipped with motion-activated ventilation and various USB and electrical outlets.
  • The bright lighting inside offers a visually appealing space while removing an open office’s visual and auditory distractions. A physical barrier with noise-cancellation abilities can do wonders!
  • We have fully enclosed and sleek designs that can hold one or multiple people. You can choose the model as per your requirement. We are the top phone pod suppliers in Dubai and will spoil you with varied options!
  • Our phone pods are manufactured by keeping all the workplace regulations in mind. We have also made them easy to assemble so that you have no difficulty installing them.

Investing in the betterment of your office space can be an excellent investment for your staff. 800 PHONE POD is the best phone pod developer and supplier in Dubai.

We try to consider all your needs and bring the best to you! Contact us today.