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All you want to know about Phone Booths

All you want to know about Phone Booths

Are phone booths coming back? 

Yes, the ubiquitous phone booth has been given new life! The artifact has been transformed into a modern workplace staple, with state-of-the-art acoustics, stellar mobility, and robust features: the phone booth. Phone booths provide the private, quiet space required for satisfactory calls in busy open-plan offices. Let’s know everything about the phone booths:

When are Phone Booths Required? 

Office Work

In a noisy office, it is difficult to concentrate on a phone call. It’s not just difficult for you. The person on the other end of your call will also have a difficult time if it appears that you are constantly interrupting them. And, let’s face it, if you’re talking on the phone loudly in an open office, you’re contributing to the noise pollution problem.

Private Conversations

Phone conversations are not permitted in an open office. Your new C-suite executive does not need to hear about her salary negotiation over the water cooler simply because HR is located next to IT. It’s a legal matter. Office phone booths keep personal conversations private when you talk to your doctor about that uncomfortable itch.

Moveable Convenience

Your sales team is in a brainstorming session all day, but do they also need to take calls? Take a couple of your phone booths and wheel them into the conference room; you’ve got an instant solution.

 Meeting Rooms Availability

The meeting room is the best asset. You can quickly take your team… But wait. Nope. A single-person video call has taken up the entire meeting room. That’s vexing. Phone booths in the office free up large conference rooms for important meetings. They were exactly as intended. 

Why are Phone Booths Required?

Simple and inexpensive to relocate

Phone booths enable businesses to build an entire conference room inside their office without having to make anything at all. Phone booths are free-standing booths that can be moved around your office. Some phone booths can be lifted with a forklift or pallet truck and wheeled to a new location. When your lease expires, you can disassemble your phone booths and relocate them to your fancy new office. 

No construction, only assembly

Adding a dry-wall room to your office floor necessitates planning, safety protocols, and obtaining permission from the landlord. Then there are the construction disruptions, paint fumes, and mess to clean up. After all of that, your meeting room must now remain in its current location regardless of your changing needs. And if you change offices, you forfeit the asset.

Phone booths eliminate all of the hassles. They can be assemble in hours rather than days where you need them. Some options don’t even require any tools to put together.

What factors should you consider while installing a phone booth?

If you’re looking for the perfect booth, here are the things to look for:


The primary reason for installing booths is to add a few quiet, private square meters of happiness to your office. When looking for a good acoustic phone booth, look for one with an acoustic rating above 32dB. It ensures that conversations are keep private.

After all, it would be pointless if everyone overheard you telling your wife that you were working late… Just before you tell Sally in HR that you’re sick… as you stow a couple of golf pegs in your back pocket. You cunning genius!


Bright lights aren’t appropriate for every situation. Dimmable lighting helps reduce glare on your screens and provides everyone with a clear picture during multimedia presentations.

People fail to remember to turn off the lights. Choosing a phone booth with PIR sensors will take care of that. Ventilation systems are frequently linked to the same sensor. When no one is around, it saves a lot of power.

Beneficial Features

What do you require from your meeting rooms? Do you have remote teams that check-in via video conference? Do you require a writing space to jot down ideas? When selecting a phone booth, look for features that allow you to make the most of the available space. 

Power sockets are standard on phone booths, but where you put them is usually customizable. USB charging ports, writable magnetic glass, projectors, monitor brackets, integrated whiteboards, LAN connectors, HDMI and USB connectivity, and video conferencing tools such as microphones, cameras, and speakers should all be considered. 

Get your Phone Booths installed!

Undoubtedly, phone booths are a flexible solution to one of the most problematic shortcomings of open space: insufficient places to take calls. Phone booths provide excellent speech intelligibility, superior speech privacy, and a sparse environment in which the introverted and/or easily distracted can thrive. They also catch “halfologues,” making everyone on the floor more productive.

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