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Your Quiet Space for Phone Calls and Undisturbed Work - Phone Pods

Your Quiet Space for Phone Calls and Undisturbed Work – Phone Pods

Did you know that 69% of employees say it’s difficult to focus at work and that more than 30% of millennials admit to spending up to 2 hours a day on their phones? Why are people so preoccupied? It’s really that simple. There is far too much going on around the average worker. Every sound, every person passing by, and every quick hello is another distraction they must contend with. That’s why the researchers have reached a tipping point where it can no longer be denied that open-plan offices were, in many ways, a bad idea.

Though open offices promote interpersonal communication and help teams stay more connected, they also significantly increase employee mistake rates and stress levels. 

When Bob is taking phone calls all day behind you, it’s nearly impossible to concentrate on writing the perfect email. 

The ideal work environment is one in which the office design takes into account the fact that most people work best when they feel in control of their surroundings. It’s difficult to maintain that sense of control when everyone is trapped in the same open space.

Welcome to the era of meeting booths, phone pods, and quiet spaces in the workplace.

Privacy pods are one of the best ways to give employees the personal space they often require in order to concentrate on their work. Let’s see what all can be added by the phone pods along with transforming your workspace into a quiet space for phone calls and undisturbed work:

●       Add some more privacy

Suppose a manager and/or employee is working on a document that necessitates greater discretion. In such a scenario, phone pods can help them with the provision of the necessary privacy. You can keep other colleagues away from looking at your screen, whether you’re working on team member notes or performance scores!

Also, there are times when you just want to be alone. Taking a much-needed break from the sounds and stress of your workplace is therefore essential for a healthy and happy office environment.

●       Reinforce the sense of control

When your employees feel trapped in a noisy environment and are unable to escape, they may lose control of their work and as a result, may feel helpless. Giving them the opportunity to enjoy a change of scenery and a quieter environment restores their sense of control.

Employees are thus more satisfied, and productive, and have higher morale at work.

●       Say hello to productivity

Did you know? A lot of concentration is required when the noise is too loud, especially for high-priority tasks and deliverables. It is simply necessary to provide your employees with peace and quiet.

Phone pods not only provide a quiet workplace for your employees, but they also increase team productivity. This means that we can kill two birds with one stone! 

According to a recent survey, “52% of employees say they are most productive when working in a distraction-free environment.”

Therefore, a noisy workplace can be extremely stressful, mentally taxing, and detrimental to workplace productivity. There is a need to give your employees some time off by installing phone pods in your workspace!

●       Reduce visual distractions

Phone pods, in addition to reducing auditory distractions, reduce visual distractions caused by the typical comings and goings of an open office. They also keep olfactory distractions at bay! Yes, no more smelling your neighbor’s spaghetti and having your stomach growl while you have a project due in 5 minutes…!

Looking for a Quiet Space?

“Our office is pretty quiet and employees are more focused.” This is one of the most common misconceptions that an employee has. You might be surprised to learn that in a recent survey of more than 100 offices, 66% of employees said they had not approached their manager about being distracted at work. 

So what do you think is the solution for all such distractions? Is it all about acoustic walls?

The answer is obviously NO. It’s about more than just acoustic walls, thereby investment in phone pods is the need of an hour.

Those who use these phone pod solutions experience relaxation and a sense of well-being. It all comes down to giving your employees a place to think without being interrupted. For such needs, you need a professional phonebooth designers such as 800 Phonepods to get your quiet space by installing the phone booths.