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Phone Pods An Important Aspect Post the New Normal in Your Daily Life

Phone Pods – An Important Aspect Post the New Normal in Your Daily Life

The world is slowly recovering and coming back to normal after these last few years of the deadly pandemic. However, not everything will go back to how it was. People will be extra careful about a lot of things and will take measures out of fear. It’s not only health-related. People are now used to their privacy and peace of mind. Thanks to the working from home module for 2+ years!

Gone are the days when people were perfectly fine about someone heavily coughing on the office floor, someone sitting right beside them and taking calls constantly, or attending meetings from a crowded room. Some organizations shifted to remote working, and some adopted the hybrid model. Hence, people are also struggling to create a dedicated workspace in their homes.

To tackle all these different situations, 800 PHONE POD – the top phone pod manufacturer in Dubai, offers a solution of phone pods! We are a one of the best recognized suppliers of phone pods in and around Dubai, UAE.

What are Phone Pods?

Phone pods are acoustic cubicles that can serve various purposes, especially in today’s trend of open offices. Open offices are currently trending because it encourages collaboration, creativity, and a culture of openness. But several people have also found it to be distracting and hampering their privacy. This is where these booths can help. These cubicles come in different sizes and can be for a single person or multiple people. In addition, these pods have a built-in ventilation system that provides good air quality, multiple USB and charging points for office supplies, and enough space for your desk and chair.

How can a Phone Pod Help in the New Normal?

With remote working comes the increase in daily meeting calls and video calls. People can choose to take them in the pod to get the privacy and better focus without the distractions all around in the office. The noise is fizzled out, and they stay away from the virtual distractions because of the physical barrier. The distraction-free and private space can best be used for personal conversations and confidential meetings. Giving employees their space keeps the stress away!

The best thing is that the pods can be easily installed anywhere without much change. They don’t need any remodeling or fixtures. Instead, they are easy to assemble and even move if required. People working remotely may have a hard time focusing amidst the distractions from their families. These pods can be a better investment than getting your room turned into a workplace or investing in a co-working space. These enable you to spend time with your family and work inside the pod during peak hours.

No one can blame people for being paranoid about health issues after the pandemic. However, germs can easily flow in confined spaces with air conditioning even after several precautions. The potential risks can be reduced when people are working through separate pods. This and the lack of stress will positively affect the health of employees.

Apart from work, the pods can also be used to better everyone’s mental health. They can be used for meditation, stretching, or just an outlet for negative emotions. Every person goes through some other problem, and an outlet to let go of the negativity is much needed. Some offices have gone out of their way and turned pods into de-stressing rooms with games or where people can take a power nap.

Hence, 800 PHONE POD is suitable for your work, but it is also good for your mental health!

Why 800 PHONE POD?

Our pods are highly customizable and can consider all your requirements. We offer a wide range of sizes, colors, interior styles, accessibility, and affordable options that can suit your budget.

You need not worry about saving energy as each pod has motion sensor triggers that will save on your bills!

Our pods are multi-functional. They are not only used in offices or at home but can also be used in public places—for example, a nap pods at an airport or a work pod in a cafe or restaurant.

Are you looking for such an addition? 800 PHONE POD, the top manufacturer, and supplier in Dubai, can consider all your requirements. Contact us today!