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Reduce Visual Distractions with Office Phone Pods

Reduce Visual Distractions with Office Phone Pods

Office spaces have significantly changed over the years. Organizations understood the importance of layout and design. The open office concept has become the standard, although its drawbacks. Noise and distractions are the main hindrances to concentration and productivity. When an energetic coworker continuously moves in front, it’s challenging to focus on your task.

People are inherently aware and respond to what’s happening in their surroundings. This includes coworkers continuously moving around the work spot. It can be stressful for employees, resulting in a lack of privacy and a breakdown in concentration due to constant visual distractions. Therefore, the purposeful endeavor to block off everything else is required for functioning productively in an open office area.

Providing a stress-free environment away from their desks and blocking visual distractions for employees should be a top concern for any company. Enter 800 PHONE POD, the most reputed phone pod supplier in Dubai, that’s here to cut out visual distractions. It helps reduce stress and aids in improving employee concentration and work output.

What are Phone Pods?

Phone pods are self-contained, soundproofed, modular enclosures meant for one or multiple people’s privacy and focused. These private and semi-private spaces are specifically designed for a dynamic workplace, allowing employees to focus and provide distraction-free rooms for tasks.

The 800 PHONE POD in Dubai is engineered by keeping all the workplace regulations in mind. As a result, employees can finish their tasks, conduct private phone calls, and take breaks from the relaxed work environment in these phone booths.

How do they help?

Data suggests that when there is no way to find a peaceful spot to concentrate, the work output dramatically reduces. So adding affordable, functional phone booths and conference room modules to the workplace can make a significant difference.

Built with natural and aesthetically pleasant materials, the 800 PHONE POD from Dubai is an excellent addition to any office space. By incorporating office phone pods into your open-office environment, you can meet your employees’ need for seclusion while increasing employee productivity and satisfaction. Phone booths and office pods are safer than an open office. These pods are easier to control since they are enclosed places and can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Privacy from unwanted view

There is a strict deadline, and your employee needs the maximum attention, but he is completely distracted by his team members. This may lead to anxiety due to the lack of physical walls or barriers in an open office concept. Therefore, an enclosed phone pod provides complete visual and audio seclusion while the presence of a glass door. Plus, good air ventilation and bright lights prevent anyone from feeling claustrophobic.

Increases the level of autonomy

Often a lack of personal space can make your employees feel uneasy, especially when unwanted movement around them. Giving employees a way to get away from the office’s crowd and noise will give them a stronger sense of control over their job. This can help them have higher morale, job satisfaction, and productivity.

Maintains attention

People often need to finish the task at hand or need some time to reflect and come up with new ideas. This is where phone pods allow employees to avoid unwanted office distractions and focus on what matters.

Flexibility and space efficiency

With phone pods, you will no longer need to build a separate meeting room as it’s easy and quick to set up in any office environment. In addition, these pods can be moved about the workplace floor as needed and act as a highly adaptable solution. They don’t require any space modification and are a fast setup option.

800 PHONE POD is a leading manufacturer and provider in Dubai of such acoustic phone pods. To ensure you bring out the maximum efficiency of your employees, we modify our pods to meet your specific organization’s demands while offering a variety of sizes at a reasonable price. Now upgrade your workplace with a private, distraction-free working space.