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Can Phone Pods Reduce Noise Distraction

Can Phone Pods Reduce Noise Distraction?

All of us might have seen these silent cubicles installed in various places but might have no idea about the benefits they provide. These cubicles are known as phone pods, and these are primarily installed because of their feature of canceling out the surrounding noise.

Undoubtedly, Phone pods are slowly starting to become an essential part of Dubai’s homes, offices, and public places. 800 PHONE POD, the top phone pod supplier in Dubai, offers acoustic booths in varied sizes, customizations, and price ranges that suit the needs of different people.

Where Can Noise-cancelling Pods be Used?

With the rise in open office plans, several employees found it difficult to focus on their work and increase productivity due to the level of noise they had to endure. The constant talking, telephone ringing, or sound of the machines in use can be more than distracting. Not only due to audio distractions, but focus can also be lost due to visual distractions.

The insulating structures of these pods offer excellent acoustic protection from disturbing sounds around and block the visual distractions at the same time. This feature can be used in several situations like…

  • It provides perfect privacy for answering calls, especially when they’re private conversations or confidential work calls. Open offices encourage maximum information flow and collaboration, but employees might not have a secluded place for discussions. More giant pods can be turned into small conference rooms where people can efficiently hold meetings without disturbances.
  • It offers a private space to work from home. Even if the pod is installed in the middle of the room, you can work peacefully without the distraction of your family and kids. It allows a person to juggle both personal and professional life efficiently.
  • You can choose to get a separate pod in an office if you’re working on something new or attending a video conference. A pod will act as a physical barrier for you to focus correctly and keep you amidst your colleagues if you need to discuss something with them. It helps expand the possibilities of your workplace!
  • The silent pods can be installed in various places and even used for other purposes than just work. People may use it as a learning pod in offices or a nap pod in public places like airports. Pods can be turned into a recreational area, lunching pods, or a private space for employees and visitors in offices or public places.

What are the Benefits of Installing 800 PHONE POD?

  • They can provide affordable office space for you. Instead of renting out or renovating a room, these pods can be easily installed anywhere without the need for remodeling.
  • They are highly customizable as they come in various design options that can fit one or multiple people. They also can have wheels that help in easy movement. Also, these are extremely easy to assemble and install, giving you the freedom to change the pod’s location effortlessly if the need arises.
  • Though compact in size, they can accommodate all the essential accessories. You won’t need anything else from your chairs and tables, enough charging points for connections, to good ventilation.
  • The privacy provided by the pods is known to reduce stress. A person working in his personal space without many disturbances is bound not to feel stressed. Not only mentally, but it also provides physical health benefits. The circulation of germs is common in confined places with air conditioning, but isolating in phone pods can help stay away from illnesses. In addition, the pods themselves provide access to good air quality, which keeps one fit.

800 PHONE POD is a top manufacturer and phone pod supplier of these acoustic pods in Dubai. We ensure all your requirements are fulfilled as we can customize our pods as per your needs. With different sizes available, we offer phone pods at an affordable rate. If you are facing any of the issues we mentioned above in your home or office, it’s time to upgrade to a stress-free and private phone pod. Contact us today!