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Lifehack How to Work In A Silent Phone Pod To Increase Your Revenue

Lifehack: How To Work In A Silent Phone Pod To Increase Your Revenue

The hustle and bustle of this busy world can be overwhelming. It has become increasingly difficult to concentrate and think in a calm way, especially at work. Everyone is looking for an escape from the noise and chaos where they can focus on the job at hand. A place where they can feel at peace and experience the much-needed calmness for rejuvenation from calls and meetings. But where can you find such a corner in the office with no one disturbing you, and no consistent noise? A silent phone pod will do the trick just right.
If you need that space around your workstation to take some time off from stressful work or need to discuss confidential matters, turn to 800 Phone Pod, which is one of the best silent phone pod suppliers in Dubai. To know more, contact us now! A phone pod can help any company in more than one way. The use of a phone pod is directly proportional to an increase in productivity, hence assisting in increasing revenue.

Flexible Layout

If your enterprise is in its growing stage, and you are planning on hiring more employees, then you might be faced with a lot of issues such as changing the floor layout or wondering how to accommodate the new employees. Mobile phone pods will help you shift and accommodate the employees comfortably while they focus on the work. This will not hamper their productivity and will not put a break in their rhythm of work. 

Better Communication

In case you get a call from an important client and while speaking, you keep getting distracted by the noise in your surroundings, chances are you might not pay attention to the call or might not give your best while speaking. A phone pod gives you the required space and quietness when you need to attend to any urgent calls or need to concentrate while the client is speaking. 


There might be some employees who need more privacy than others. They might be in charge of handling confidential data or need to work on the newest strategies. Such information is valuable and cannot be disclosed to all. Hence, an acoustic phone pod provides them with the privacy to discuss or come up with strategies without being disturbed. 

Better Focus

Some jobs require high levels of concentration. When working in an open space, there are a lot of distractions to deal with. It could be the noise of traffic or simple people talking. Such factors contribute to distractions that the employee is trying to avoid. While working in a noise-less phone pod, the employee can focus on the task at hand. This also results in better performance and increased revenue. 

Increases Revenue

There might be a lot of factors that contribute to revenue growth. But of the most important is hardworking and focused employees. When the employees are not distracted by any external factors they can concentrate on their work in a better manner. While getting easily distracted is a part of human nature, we must also ensure that the workspace has minimal things or activities happening which might prove to be a hindrance. Thus, a soundproof phone pod can provide a space for employees to think and work with complete focus and concentration. 

While working in an open space can have its fair share of pros, the cons are high too. It can prove to be detrimental to the organization and the employees. When it comes to maximizing revenue, any organization needs to create a dedicated space for their employees where they can work in peace and create strategies without any distractions.

A dedicated space that provides employees with privacy and some time away from the chaos, silent booths have come with plenty of benefits for offices. 800 Phone Pod is one of Dubai’s best booth design firms. Our booths provide all the necessary privacy and concentration to make those big numbers.