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Acoustic, Architectural & Visual – Kind Of Privacy In The Office

Did you know that over 50% of employees have a hard time concentrating in an office with open office floor plans? Also, it takes 20 minutes to regain focus after a distraction while working.

Well, be it acoustic, architectural, or visual, privacy in the office matters a lot. There are many consequences of lack of privacy in the office. If the workplace is not ideal, or comfortable, and does not provide privacy, it affects employees’ performance and work satisfaction, which in turn can affect the company’s growth. More the noise, the less the concentration. With more noise and distractions around, it is difficult to concentrate on work which affects the productivity of work. Employees get annoyed and feel unmotivated because of the same. Also, there are chances of leaking private information. So it is necessary to give them at least these 3 kinds of privacy. And the only solution to this is, installing silent phone pods or acoustic phone booths.

Acoustic Privacy

Acoustic privacy in the open floor office has two main issues involved in it.

Firstly, getting disturbed because of office chaos and being surrounded by noise in the office. There are many things going on around you when you are working in the office, like the sound of a coffee machine, conversations between other employees, or the sound of traffic outside the office. With so many distractions, it is not possible to concentrate on work.

The second issue is, being overheard by others. Information security or confidentiality matters a lot in many organizations. The constant thought of being overheard by others does not allow you to talk openly. To overcome these two issues of acoustic privacy, the solution is to install a soundproof phone booth or phone pod for conferences, private phone calls, or video calls. And 800 PHONE POD is a professional silent booth supplier in Dubai. It gives speech privacy and prevents noise from bothering others.

Architectural Privacy

Creating a separate dedicated space that physically encloses an employee at work is very important for a company’s growth. This kind of physical privacy also known as architectural privacy gives a sense of comfort in their private zone. Architectural privacy is different for different people. Some people are just fine with the open space with desks and chairs while others might need their personal space to do work peacefully. Most employees prefer to work in a totally enclosed workspace that shelters them from all sides.

Visual Privacy

Along with the sound, there are many visual distractions too which might disturb employees at the workplace. To block these distractions from employees’ views and to shield them from others’ prying eyes, maintaining visual privacy is very important. Employees should feel secure and comfortable while working. To focus on their work, they should not get disturbed by movements going around them. People walking by their desks might also interrupt their workflow and concentration. If there is no private dedicated space for a conference that has visual privacy, your clients or partners may also get distracted by other office activities. Instead of cubicles or desktop dividers, there must be some custom-designed soundproof booth that considers visual privacy too.

If you are looking for a reliable phone pod installation company in Dubai, 800 PHONE POD provides customized designs for commercial and residential places. It blocks the employees’ view from visual distractions as well as they feel free to work as there is no constant thought of being supervised and being judged all the time. Not just people around but the harsh lights and colors in the surroundings might also create problems while trying to concentrate at work.

Final Thought

What if you get all three kinds of privacies: acoustic, architectural, and visual in one solution? Yes, the good news is 800 PHONE POD, a leading phone pod installation company in Dubai can provide single and dual silent booths /acoustic phone booths that can take care of all the primary privacy issues in the office.