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How To Survive The Year-Ending Blues And Increase Your Revenue?

Maintaining a good revenue structure is vital for any company to be kept afloat. An increase in revenue will ensure a better work environment. The year-end sees a lot of chaos for the holiday season, which may not allow employees to work peacefully. In order to achieve this the employees need a conducive environment to get work done in a seamless manner – a quiet and relaxed office space like the installation of an acoustic pod offers the best scenario. But open office spaces are common and the chaos may affect people to work in an orderly fashion. A perfect solution to avoid any distractions and shared space dilemmas is a phone booth. A sleek, intelligent silent pod that offers employees the space and silence they need.

Maximize Focus

End of the year, everyone is busy with their holiday preparations. It could be with gifts or treating oneself to cozy times. This is the time when people’s purchasing tendencies are on a higher end. Focusing on your target audience and a thorough study of their buying behaviors and purchase patterns will help you to locate and grab the opportunities at the right time. Also, making sure that the items are not pushed but rather the consumers are pulled towards it. All this will require focus and concentration, which one might not be able to achieve due to the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Having a phone pod can come in handy in such conditions providing the required privacy and peace of mind to work in silence. 

Privacy to Set Your Goals

Generally speaking, having defined goals can help your business stay on track when it comes to achieving the target. This allows the entire team to move in a uniform fashion and ensures everyone is on the same page. While setting your goals for year-end or holiday season, keep the communication clear with what exactly is expected out of the employees. Holding such confidential discussions out in the open might not be the best idea. You will need a personal space that will detach you from the chaos of your office. Having a dedicated phone pad for such meetings is a perfect solution for this. It gives you the right amount of privacy and concentration to lay your plan ahead.

Employee Satisfaction 

When the employees are happy with their work environment and feel like a part of the team, they deliver better. If the floor is chaotic and noisy, such an environment does not contribute well when one is coming up with ideas or analyzing any data. Hence, having phone pods for such activities will help the employees to concentrate on their tasks and deliver better. Along with that, such silent pods can be used to answer phones to have conversations with their families in case they are working during the holiday season. 

Personal Thinking Space

Having the space to achieve one’s desired peace of mind is very important in this fast-paced world. A personal phone pod will allow your employees to analyze their thoughts, whether it’s planning the day ahead or going over their to-do list, or setting their daily targets. It’s a space that will allow them the privacy to sit in silence and think with peace. Given such opportunities, employees will have a better understanding of navigating their day-to-day targets and how to achieve them with phone booths.

Keeping your business in a good shape is just as important as maintaining a good reputation. And in order to achieve that, the employees must be able to put in the work and hours necessary. 800 Phone Pod is one of Dubai’s best Phone booth design firms, offering silent booths and phone pods for every commercial space. Our booths provide the necessary privacy and concentration to make those big numbers – the latest features, customized designs, ventilation, and light.