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Phone Pods & their importance in our day-to-day life

Phone Pods & their importance in our day-to-day life

We bid goodbye to cubicles a decade ago. Instead, we went to open plan workplaces to create a flatter hierarchical corporate structure and, let’s face it, cram more people into a smaller space and encourage more collaboration.

Since then, silent phone pods have grown in capacity, functionality, and technology integrations, with nearly every workspace solutions company producing a phone pod product or suite of products. As a result, phone Pod Companies in Dubai have been in high demand for almost a decade, demonstrating that workspaces now have no alternative to privacy.

Picking a Phone Pod in Five Easy Steps:

Know your size:

To answer the phone, video conferencing is a method of communicating via video and meeting two or four people.

Ensure that your phone pod companies in Dubai offer a diverse choice of options, from single person pods to multi-person pods, so you can be assured that they’ve considered all your business’s needs.


Although pods are typically designed with excellent acoustics, a fast test can’t harm. Select a favorite song on a Bluetooth speaker and play it at various volume levels inside the pod to see how much sound leaks out. Continue to the next test if you are satisfied with your previous one. Choose 800Phone Pod for the best acoustic booths installation company in Dubai,


Pods aren’t all made equal. The combination of size, illumination, and ventilation may swiftly transform a sense of privacy into one of dread. Make sure the ventilation is adequate for periods of 20 to 30 minutes in one and that the size of a single or dual person pod does not make you feel like you’re in an upright coffin. Unfortunately, there are no global standards, so you’ll have to do what you have.


While you may not be pursuing certification for your facility, it is beneficial to look for goods that lend themselves to sustainable practices, such as Low VOC materials (glues, wood, etc.), to help establish a safe environment for your team to accept calls or meetings.

Disabilities & Mobility

Pods, like furniture, are considered an asset. They’re designed to be mobile or, at the very least, moveable. Your second-day charges will determine how quickly you can relocate your POD or disassemble and reassemble the product in your new location. Most pods are walk-in pods (6 inches higher than your floor level). Choose floor-level PODS for simple access if you have a person with a disability who requires wheelchair access.

Confidential Space for Strategizing:

Businesses and other organizations frequently require space for a small group of top executives to plan or discuss company matters. Although open offices encourage a free flow of information and unfettered collaboration, some concerns can only be addressed by those who need to know. If everyone’s desk is in the bullpen, there’s no way for organizational leadership to collaborate on sensitive problems on site.

Phone pods can be as tiny as a conference room, allowing up to four people to work in privacy and silence. As a result, issues that the leadership cannot publicly discuss can be discussed in private.

Office Phone Pods Reduce Visual Distractions:

Visual distractions can also cause focus loss, yet many offices have very little wall space to block them off. Open offices detract from concentration by exposing a worker’s whole field of vision to everything going on around them. Visual distractions have a negative impact on focus, productivity, and even memory. Visual distractions might not cause the same mental and physical difficulties as office noise pollution, but they significantly impact concentration. According to studies, it might take up to 20 minutes to regain optimal focus after being distracted. Phone pods cut out auditory and visual disturbances, allowing an employee or employees to concentrate.


800 Phone Pod is one of the leading silent booth installation companies in Dubai, specializing in support space solutions and modular pod workstations for meetings, video conferences, and even a quick phone call. 800 Phone Pod developed a new solution to address interruptions in open-plan offices and educational settings due to a lack of support resources.

Functional design, decent acoustics, and better ergonomics are requirements for most workplace interiors. Our 800 Phone Pod will provide and meet all these requirements with its one-of-a-kind and ageless furniture pieces and pod room designs. Furthermore, all 800 Phone Pod and booth workstation items were designed with the optimal body working positions in mind, ensuring long-term productivity.