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How are Phone Pods Enhancing Workplace Happiness & Well-being?

Enhance Office Productivity with these Silent & Acoustic Phone Booths

The demand for acoustic booth installation companies in Dubai is expected to skyrocket! Because these acoustic cabins, also known as phone booths, provide numerous advantages for today’s and tomorrow’s offices.

As we know, open and coworking spaces are not going away anytime soon. However, this is only true if and only if workplaces provide perfect working conditions for employees. Phone pod companies in Dubai give you the ability to create optimum working conditions. Let’s find out more about how does it help to enhance office productivity:

1. Don’t let a single employee take over your meeting space

Every organization has the same problem: there aren’t enough meeting rooms! They swiftly fill up, leaving employees with no other options. Too often, large rooms only have the capacity for a single employee meeting and thus, you won’t be able to conduct any other meeting in the room.

To solve this issue, phone pod companies in Dubai like 800 PHONE PODS give you a solution – phone pods for your staff. They are ideal for employees who need to concentrate or make a phone call to a customer!

2. Make phone calls without any disturbance

We don’t always want our coworkers to be able to hear our phone calls. Maybe it’s because the subject is delicate, or maybe it’s because the chat is private, or maybe we just need some alone time. In brief, phone pods in Dubai eliminate the need for your staff to whisper into the phone. They also avoid using conference rooms exclusively for a single call.

3. No more commotion

It’s critical to be able to concentrate when the noise is too loud, especially while working on high-priority projects and deliverables that require a lot of focus. You must provide your staff with peace and quiet environment to work efficiently.

Phone booths will not only provide a calm workplace for your staff, but they will also enhance team productivity. In short, a noisy office can be extremely irritating, mentally taxing, and obstruct productivity. So, please, take a break from your staff!

4. Stop getting distracted

One of the pet peeves about open workspaces is that everyone feels like they’re being bothered for no apparent reason. We’ve already seen corporations provide “available” and “unavailable” indicators to their personnel. To be honest, that’s a great concept! A phone booth’s closed door, on the other hand, is even more effective.

This is the kind of environment we produce at 800 phone pods. And he did so extremely well. It is possible to hold loud phone calls and meetings in a room where no one is disturbed through the use of phone booths and meeting pods. You simply step into an office pod and communicate freely during phone conversations or meetings. The phone booth absorbs the talking noise, so no one in the office is disturbed.

5. Provide some privacy

Some workplace talks are simply not meant to be heard by everyone. But, with an open office, how can you do that? Employees experience a sense of defenselessness and constant observation as a result of the lack of adequate retreats for phone conversations and meetings. Employee unhappiness is primarily caused by a lack of acoustic privacy.

Assume an employee or management is working on a paper that necessitates a higher level of secrecy. Acoustic booths can also give them essential privacy in this instance. We keep other coworkers from glancing at our screen, whether they are notes from team members or performance ratings.

And there are moments when you simply want to be alone. So, for a healthy and happy office environment, taking a much-needed break from the sounds and stress of your workplace is essential.

6. Reiterate the sensation of being in command

Employees may feel as if they are losing control of their job and concentrating when they are imprisoned in a noisy atmosphere and can’t go out. They may feel helpless as a result of this. You restore their sense of control by allowing them to enjoy a change of scenery and a peaceful environment. As a result, employees are happier, more productive, and have a higher sense of morale at work.


In Dubai, we at the 800 PHONE PODS design elegant and top-quality phone pods and silent booths to offer our customers a comfortable environment. To improve convenience, the booths have a cutting-edge design to meet the requirements of the user and ensure their acoustic levels are perfect. Employees’ concerns about privacy and having quiet locations to work in were addressed with the help of Phones Pods.