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800 Phone Pod Introduces Acoustic Booths @ Just 9999 AED

800 Phone Pod Introduces Acoustic Booths @ Just 9999 AED

55% people wish to have quieter places in the office to work or take calls

45% people were fine with the current set-up of an open space

Phone booths are once again becoming more and more popular, but this time there’s a twist: they’ve been redesigned to fit inside offices. And although though the advent of mobile devices has given the impression that these formerly popular phone booths have vanished into obscurity, modern companies are finding a very essential purpose for them.

These phone booths at the office allow you a private workspace where you can focus entirely on your work without being distracted by outside noises. Because studies have linked workplace tranquility to increased productivity, office silent booths can help you achieve this goal.

800 Phone Pod is here with an irresistible offer – for just 9999 AED, get the latest Acoustic phone pod for your office in dubai. It is a limited-time offer, so you may want to hurry before it is over! Get to know the various features of our phone pods –

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Our well-ventilated acoustic booths are perfect for multiple uses, ensuring freshness, comfortable temperature, and hygiene. A ventilation system is necessary for soundproof phone booths.


Lighting is of utmost importance owing to the fact that these may be used for video calls as well. Frontal-lit booths are a great option, as well as those with skylights. You can choose from the clear wall on either side of visual privacy is not a prerequisite.


Our functional designs incorporating the latest features and elements make up a comfortable silent booth that blends in with the overall design of your work area. These also help create an impression.

If the following factors are something that you’d want your office to offer to the employees, then the acoustic phone booth is yours to grab with this limited-period offer of a flat 40% off.

  • Privacy – Phone pods are the ideal solution for giving employees the privacy they deserve. One-person phone booths can be used to keep staff meetings, personal conversations, and business-related information private. 3-4 people booths are perfect for team meetings.
  • Killing background chaos – Due to their acoustic properties, phone booths can kill the noise around, and provide a peaceful space.
  • Get rid of distraction – The optimization of tight spaces makes it feasible to reduce distractions. These pods provide distraction-free areas, whether people are working or taking a break.
  • Ideal spaces for meetings – As opposed to open floor areas that lack these qualities, these provide you with the seclusion, focus, and confidentiality needed for meetings with clients and co-workers.

Because they are so excellent at providing privacy and a chaotic-free environment when needed, acoustic booths are therefore favored and greatly appreciated, and 800 Phone Pod is offering it at a fantastic price of 9999 AED only with its limited period offer.

A leading producer of phone pods and silent acoustic booths, 800 Phone Pod offers phone booths that double as meeting rooms, places for personal calls, workspaces, or even places to take pauses for unwinding – just a little me-time – make the workplace enjoyable as well as effective! With a variety of sizes, designs, and furnishings, you can easily upgrade your office without having to build up a large infrastructure as would be necessary for a conventional setup. So, what are you waiting for?

Hurry and get in touch with us for a deal that’s too hard to miss – a 40% off on the latest phone booths, at a price of 9999 AED. Hurry before the offer ends. Valid for a limited period only!

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