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800 Phone Pod The Next Gen Meeting Spaces

800 Phone Pod: The Next Gen Meeting Spaces

Companies and their employees must adapt to emerging technologies and new corporate settings as the nature of work rapidly changes. While coworking spaces are becoming the new address for most offices, the most practical response to typical problems in such coworking spaces is a phone booth. 

Enjoy privacy even in open workspaces

Absolute silence is not what we would advocate because it is artificial and undesirable. With the perfect acoustic environment to contain sounds so that those outsides won’t be disturbed, phone pods are an ideal option.  Phone pods are a wonderful addition for both the users and any modern office setting. Acoustic soundproof pods offer a space-saving alternative to conventional construction methods that don’t need a building permit because they are floor-standing.

Phone booths can be used for more than just private calls. In the midst of a busy coworking environment, workspace booths or meeting pods provide members with solitude and isolation to complete various tasks.

Here’s a quick guide on how to choose your private meeting spaces – 

While there are a bunch of phone pods and acoustic booths available, what is important is the key features that make the difference. 


A ventilation system is necessary for soundproof phone booths. The booth must ensure comfort and a cool temperature despite being used by multiple employees. 


Choose frontal lighting to brighten members’ faces for the best appearance on video calls. Some booths have skylights, and the majority have a full-length door or at least some glass walls to let in natural light. If visual privacy is not a need, having clear walls on all sides keeps the feeling of uninterrupted open space.


Client conversations can seem more polished and sophisticated with clever, elegant designs. Find a comfortable medium between a booth that stands out on its own and one that blends in with the overall design of your area.

The Next-Gen Meeting Spaces with Phone Pods

Phone pods or silent booths offer plenty of benefits that give you a reason to invest in them for your workplace – providing employee welfare and productivity. Here are some reasons why phone pods are fast becoming the most ideal meeting space 

  • Privacy – In order to provide employees with the seclusion they desire, phone pods are just perfect.  Working in a one-person phone booth can help to keep staff meetings, personal talks, and work-related information discreet.
  • Noise cancellation – Phone booths are able to peacefully kill with any background noise and chaos, thanks to their acoustic qualities.
  • Cut distraction – Less distractions are made possible by the confined spaces’ optimization. Whether it is work or it is taking a break, these pods allow for distraction-free spaces.
  • Increased control – Your staff members could feel as though they are lacking control on their work and concentration when they feel stuck in a noisy workplace. Employees can take a little break and enjoy a quieter environment in phone booths and meeting pods, which gives them a sense of control. As a result, workers are happier, more effective, and more motivated at work.
  • Ideal spaces for meetings – Yes, these give you the privacy, concentration, and confidentiality required for meetings with clients and colleagues, as against open floor spaces that lack these elements.

800 Phone Pod is a leading manufacturer of phone pods and silent acoustic booths. Make the workplace fun as well as a productive place with phone booths that act as meeting spaces, spots for personal calls, a space to get work done, or even to take breaks for unwinding – just a little me-time! With various sizes, designs, and furnishings, it is easy to amp up your office without the heavy infrastructure construction required in a traditional setup.