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Intelligent Phone Pods at Just 9999 AED

Phone pods provide a productive, secure, and quiet area for staff and customers to communicate, hold private meetings, and plan live-streaming or video conferences. It alters the landscape of your office in ways that are impressive. In public spaces like train stations and shopping malls, private work pods create a mini-environment where people can concentrate without being interrupted. Along with other modern workplace characteristics, silent booths can be completely furnished with adaptable and comfy furniture. These intelligent phone pods are available to you at a fantastic price of only 9999 AED – a limited-period offer!

Benefits of Phone Pod

While you are still pondering on investing in a phone pod, here are some benefits you’d want to know to make your decision.

  • Privacy – Silent pods contribute to the development of a network of spaces that encourage solitude. These pods will work whether you’re searching for some peaceful time or a spot where you can talk without interruptions from bystanders. A phone pod will do if you need some peace and quiet to focus on that challenging report, or simply need some personal time out.
  • Noise cancellation – Another problem that has become more common as silent pods have proliferated is excessive noise. In order to get rid of undesired background noise, acoustic materials are now employed in silent pods. By doing that, you can operate efficiently and without interruptions while on the go.
  • Solution to Chaotic office space – To ensure people use the comfort and convenience of a conference room or phone booth when traveling from one location to another, phone pods are built at convenient locations, such as metro stations.


The latest features used to design a phone booth make it desirable for the modern world. Read on to know some of the features that come with our phone pods. Hurry and avail this offer of an Acoustic pod in dubai at just 9999 AED!

Smart Access Control

Companies and offices can more easily manage the silent booths and be better prepared for rising demand thanks to smart access solutions that automate the process. Additionally, it helps to give users a seamless experience.


Phone pods are well-ventilated and lit, making them ideal for multiple users throughout the day. Thus, no matter how many individuals use the phone pod, it is always going to be a fresh space, devoid of unwanted scents.

UV Light Sanitization

The pandemic has changed how we interact with and perceive public common areas, particularly if we will be confined to a closed-off pod for a lengthy period of time. Thus, UV lighting can be added to phone pods to sanitize them between uses. Others have air conditioning that keeps the environment at a reasonable temperature and circulates the air to assist reduce lingering airborne infections.

Silent phone pods serve as quiet, soundproof, and effective locations for impromptu meetings in busy public spaces like malls and subway stations, where workers might need to travel between locations during business hours. This gives you enough reason to rush to 800 Phone Pod to grab our offer and get your phone pod at 9999 AED.

Leading manufacturer of phone pods and silent acoustic booths, 800 Phone Pod provides phone booths that serve as meeting spaces, personal call areas, work areas, or even areas to take breaks for relaxing – just a little me-time – to create a fun and productive work environment! You can modify your office with a variety of sizes, designs, and furnishings without having to put in a significant amount of infrastructure, as would be required in a traditional arrangement. What are you still holding out for? Get in touch with us right away for a deal that’s too good to pass up: new phone booths are 40% off at a cost of 9999 AED. Before the deal expires!