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Airy and Unique Modular Pavilion for Collaborative Workspace

800 Phone Pod: Airy and Unique Modular Pavilion for Collaborative Workspace

Phone Pods enable users to work on the go and are growing in popularity in companies and some public spaces. Flexible offices and remote employment represent the new norm of work.

It is changing the scenario of conventional office spaces by adding more communal desk areas and compact focus and meeting rooms. Employees or consumers are more comfortable and private in a soundproof atmosphere when using phone pods or booths. As phone pods and booths are so easy to install and remove according to the needs, phone pod companies in Dubai enable businesses to save money on office design and construction and be more flexible when transforming their workspaces.

Flexible Spaces

Phone pods provide unique and vibrant styles of specially designed rooms. They enable businesses to benefit from less expensive, more adaptable, and environmentally friendly workspace solutions. It can be a focus room, conference room, and open meeting room according to users’ needs. Depending on your preferences, 800 Phone Pod, a phone pod installation company in Dubai, can create a shared environment or a private space.

Freestanding Meeting Rooms for Workgroups

Working with and interacting with one’s team is one of the top reasons stated for wanting to return to the workplace. We miss the innovation resulting from in-person collaboration and the human interaction that has been lacking while working from home. Small group meeting pods can be used as a freestanding conference room, a private area, a phone booth, or a touchdown room. Organizations can use its design to promote their distinctive branding thanks to its adjustable panels. Internal meetings might be easier and more comfortable for the staff based on the size of your team.


It is much easier to check if phone pods are occupied and much simpler for others to pop in and utilize them when they are placed in central areas of your workspace. There’s no need to round the building looking for a location to conduct a quick phone call or crane your neck to see whether that one conference room is still available. You can escape away for a few moments of silence with pods front and center without having to move too far from your team.

Personalize it

Give your pods some character as a simple way to improve your workstation. To begin with, you can decide what you want the pod to support—rejuvenation, focus, or group work—and then choose the furniture that will be placed within. Various surface materials are available, such as acoustic panels for increased privacy, woodgrain or laminate finishes, customized films, and markerboards. Your pods can thus either stand out or elegantly match the decor of your office.

Finding A balance

You are attempting to work with a coworker in a sea of silence. While it’s important to avoid disturbing your obsessively focused colleagues, conversing in whispers without access to whiteboards or other helpful collaboration tools makes it extremely difficult to be creative. Today, many workplaces aim to foster innovation and teamwork while still offering areas for concentration and privacy. Silent booth installation companies in Dubai are helping establish an ecosystem of places, some that support private moments and others that foster cooperation, whether you need a little quiet space or a spot where your group can speak freely without disturbing your colleagues.

Accessible to all employees

Organizations are working harder than ever to design inclusive workplaces that enhance worker health, safety, and happiness. Assuring equal access to all goods, technologies, and systems for all employees is necessary. With various booths that allow for proper circulation and accessible thresholds, you may create an inclusive setting. Phone booths or pods are an excellent choice for online communication since they offer a private location for concentrated work and reduce noise and distractions in open offices. They are also easily mobile, which enables businesses to make the most of their workspace. Phone booths or individual pods offer the benefits of private rooms without permanently altering the office layout, allowing enterprises to accommodate varying staff counts without investing in more space.


A phone booth in the office might help your employees feel more relaxed and relieve stress. When coworkers cannot overhear their private chats or when we have the choice to leave the noise behind, we feel more liberated and self-assured.

Allow 800 Phone Pod to assist you in locating the ideal mobile call and meeting booths according to your requirements. We are known for one of the best acoustic booths installation company in Dubai and we can easily convert your conventional workplace into a more adaptable office; get in touch with us right away.