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S-Pod PhonePod: Elevate Your Communication with 800PhonePod's Innovation!

S-POD is a Soundproof and Self-contained workspace designed for use within open office environments. It’s a compact, acoustic space for solitary work, calls, video meetings, and focused tasks.
S-PODs are highly customizable and can be adapted to fit various office layouts and design preferences. Despite their small size, S-PODs have enough room for a high stool or a chair, providing a comfortable and functional acoustic space.
S-POD is designed for the exclusive use of one person at a time.

Why 800Phonepod’s S-POD?

800 Phone Pod pods offer a richer set of features compared to other phone booth workspaces. Our designs prioritize soundproof ample space, ensuring that users feel comfortable and relaxed.

Our S-PODs offer an attractive & practical acoustic solution for modern workplaces seeking to balance open collaborative spaces with the need for private and quiet areas for individual tasks and meetings.

Reasons to choose an 800Phonepod’s S-POD:
    •  Top-Notch Quality
    • Customization
    • Soundproof/ Acoustic Space
    • Professional & Quick Installation
    • Cost Effective 
    • Efficient Use of Space
    • Color options
    • Modern Aesthetics

Notable Features

Air Ventilation
    • Equipped with 1 Turbo Fan                   
Main Framework
    • Material: Wooden/MDF
    • Surface: PU Paint/Melamine Finish
Smart Adjustment Panel
    • Lighting Control
    • Light Colour Variations (Cool White to Warm White)
    • Smart Switches
Main Wall Panel
    • 90MM Thickness
    • Acoustic Insulation
    • MDF Panel & Solid Wood
    • 1 Year Limited Warranty
    • Crafted from Moisture and Mold Resistant Synthetic Fibers
USB and power charging stations
    • 1 USB-A Charger
    • 1 USB-C Charger
Acoustic Panel
    • Polyester Cotton Material (Acoustic Foam)
    • Acoustic Fabric
    • Treated for Flame Retardancy
Glass Panels
    • Double Glazed Glass panel (Tempered) wall on Back side
    • Wooden framed door with Double glazed glass panel (Tempered) and Accessories.
Delivery Time
    • 3 Weeks from order confirmation           
S-POD Includes
    • 1 Wall Mounted Table (W950 X D320 X H50MM) at a Height of 1050MM from the Internal Floor – (Customizable)
    •  Wall Mounted Acoustic Foam Covered with Acoustic Fabric (W900 X D130 X H2000MM)- (Customizable)
    • Exterior Dimensions: W1100 X D1100 X H2200MM- (Customizable)
    • Interior Dimensions: W950 X D950 X H2000MM- (Customizable)
    • Exterior Colour: Any RAL code /Melamine Finish / (Customizable)
    • Interior Colour: 30 Colours to choose from (Customizable)